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Integrative Mindset & Performance Coach,
Meditation Teacher 

Want to learn the way towards inner enlightment & peace. 

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About Me

A native of Rochester, New York, Faheem Mujahid is a Speaker, Master Trainer;  Integrative Health, Mindset & Performance Coach, and Meditation Teacher. 

Faheem utilizes his knowledge base in exercise science, nutrition, meditation and physiology to help inspire the charge to a healthier life. Since the beginning of his career, he has always valued the benefits of adopting a conscious mental practice and active lifestyle, observing the impact incorporating these two key pieces were in positivity impacting an individual’s life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Faheem spent most of his life as an athlete, witnessing first hand the importance and detail that goes into maximizing the performance, recovery and success of elite athletes. More importantly, Faheem recognized the constant stress we often place on ourselves, simply because we lack the proper understanding and/or appreciation for the development of a mindfulness practice. 


With this is mind, Faheem decided to invest countless hours into the studies of physiology, mind performance and meditation. To his amazement, once he began implementing these new tools into his coaching, his client made vast improvements.


He inspires those he teaches through a positive, encouraging, yet challenging training environment, steady mixing in different approaches, tools and training applications to ensure his clients’ success and enjoyment. 


The MINDFUL MOVEMENT impacting one MINDFUL community at a time. Beginning with our beautiful 305 community. - Oye'Breathe 

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All service offerings are designed for both in-person & online options. 

Integrative Health, Mindset & Performance Coaching 

In the world in which we all live, our minds are consistently processing and taking in information. From the moment we wake, we can easily be over consumed with repetitive worries, fears, doubts and anxieties. Rarely do many of us allow ourselves to get ahead of our thoughts and tap into our truest state of being. The IHMP Coaching Program is designed to positively and powerfully assist clients with Breathing more Life into our lives, and truly reaching for our greatest potential.

Learn to Meditate

Are you new to Meditation? No problem. Faheem is a Certified Meditation Teacher through the 1Giant Mind Being Meditation. Faheem's Meditation programs incorporate a variety of meditation
techniques, which include assisting clients with learning the basics about Meditation, while developing the confidence to lead themselves through their own daily practice. Together, you’ll explore the value of Meditation and how it can mindfully(??) impact your life.

Customized Movement Program 

With a career in the fitness industry that spans over 15 years, Faheem uses his experience and understanding of the human body to design a personalized program that complements each individual. He draws from his experience in personal training, corrective exercise methods and yoga training to customize each program.



As a professional perfectionist, my work with Coach Fa thought me the value of constructing a daily routine around mindfulness. I now apply his tools to every aspect of my life, I'm a huge believer in his work.  

Mark Brown 

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My purpose in life is to inspire those I reach through a positive, encouraging & challenging training environment. 

Using the knowledge I’ve gained and the various tools I’ve developed over the years, I’m passionate about helping my clients feel empowered to reach the level of success they desire. 

My philosophy: when people are properly empowered and inspired, they not only realize the true potential for their lives, but they ignite a passion within themselves to achieve more, give more and get more out of life.




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Start Your Journey 

All journeys begin with a first step. Although the start of anything can at times be challenging, join Faheem as he teaches you the tools to create the mindset that leads to the life you imagine. One Session at a TIME.


My purpose has always been to inspire, connect & motivate through as many platforms as possible. Join me on my Podcast journey as I explore ways to assist listeners to Breathe more Life into their life. 

Breathe Life®

- Podcast -

Join Miami-based mindset & performance coach, nutrition specialist, PT, 200ytt Yogi, Meditation teacher and speaker, Faheem Mujahid  (Coach Fa) as he shares tools from his 15+ years in the health and wellness industry. This podcast consists of coaching sessions, celebrity and expert interviews and Book Club episodes.

Recent Episodes : 


Join the conversation between Faheem and Ray Allen (18year NBA veteran, Hall of Fame) as they discuss Ray Allen's new book, life, love and all things post career. 


As a passionate advocate for all things plants, join Faheem's discussion with Plant leading warrior Marco Borges as he explores the role plants play in our ideal level of health. 


Amy and I explore her recent book Crescendo and the role our spirit plays with our own evolution & fulfillment. 

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Mvmt Programs

The Movement Programs are designed as a key foundation for ideal customizable strength & muscle development. Using my experience with strength training, conditioning & yoga, each program comes with a one-on-one (30min) entry online coaching session. We'll review the program outline and find ways to design a more complete program together. 


Miami FL, 33143