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Why it matters. 

As a Performance Psychology Coach, few things resonate as profoundly as being able to intentionally pour into the performance, play, and life of another. In my experience, we all seek to be seen, valued, and better understood. As we age, we rarely allow ourselves the gift of retrospection; we consciously but mostly unconsciously begin to fill our lives with daily responsibilities of the things and roles our life requires; the daily grind grabs hold of us, making performance expansiveness and personal growth challenging. We exist within this version of ourselves, and if we're lucky, we maximize our performance potential and exhaust ourselves in our pursuit of greatness. We reach, claw, and fight our way toward every inch, leaving ourselves exhausted on the field of play, the field of life. 


The reality is that many of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep us from showing up fully in our play are the same one's that limit us from experiencing a full life. The thinking patterns we subscribe to during adolescence and the image of ourselves we buy into carry us throughout our lives. Here and now presents the perfect opportunity and balance to be intentional about the planting process of those thinking patterns, images and behaviors.

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