Align with Purpose.

Align with Purpose.

I read a piece of literature recently that share a powerful study done on purpose & passion. In this study, psychologist uncovered a stunning reality. Less then 12% of all humans associate any form of purpose and/or fulfillment from their work. In fact, most believe their job/career has little or no value to the lives of others. :


In the same study it stated the obvious connection between happiness & purpose, adding that purpose seems to be very baseline foundation of happiness. :


I remember the exact moment I decided to walk away from my life long dream of pursuing a football career. The first thing that came to mind were questions on the subject of passion & purpose. // How will find purpose & fulfillment else where? Will there ever be another career and/or adventure worth exploring? If and when I do find a worthy purpose/calling, will I have the courage to pursue it? All these questions and more came rushing to the front of my mind, seeking all my attention . :


Out of all the questions, the one that sticks out the most “If and when you come in contact with an intense calling, longing or pull to pursue something different, if required will you act on it? No matter how afraid or nervous you might be.

: ⚪️

Perhaps that question hits home particularly due to where I feel I’ve arrived this past year. After accomplishing & acquiring all the things I thought might make me happy, there was still a longing for something more. Add that a top of the loss of my second sister Aaliyah during the same time period and what breaks open is a impassioned version of myself on a quest to live louder, love harder & grow fearlessly in the direction of what was showing up for me. To turn my purpose & personal gifts into tools of positive impact for others... Perhaps even change the world...1% at a time. :


Breathe Life 🙌🏾⚪️

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