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Nothing is more valuable than the feedback of those with whom I've been blessed to share the road with. I feel honored to have been able to coach and work with the amazing spirits listed below. 

lewis morgan.png

Lewis Morgan

Midfielder, Inter Miami CF

" I feel Faheem's Mental Performance Program is very beneficial and I enjoyed having an open dialogue with someone who isn't looking at it from a player's or staff members point of view. Sometimes it's easier to be honest about yourself and your performance in this setting."

Julian Carranza

Forward, Inter Miami CF

"I enjoyed working with Faheem to improve my overall mindset. I feel it's having a powerful impact on my on field performance.

drake callender.png

Drake Callendar


"Faheem's Mental Performance Program allowed me to speak, listen, reflect, problem solve, and practice creativity. I was able to identify what part of my physical and mental game needed work. Throughout our time together I felt that each week I was applying what I learned and how to improve my game. Not only do you enjoy every minute of the session, you enjoy the relationship that is built through conversation and showing up for each other."

Matias Pellegrini


"In my case sometimes it's very important to be able to speak to someone that will assist and understand me. Faheem's Mental Performance Program helped my on-field and off-field performance a lot. I feel it's what I needed to feel good and gain confidence."

matias pellegrini.png

Sarah Barnes 

Head Coach, University of Miami

"Coach Faheem has made an immeasurable impact on our program over the past 3 months. He shows up every day with energy and passion. He asks inciteful questions that provoke thought, sharing, and growth. Faheem has introduced numerous strategies to help us build a stronger team culture and it has translated to their training and game performances. Through discussions and activities, he has taught them ways to be better teammates and work cohesively. He pushes the team outside their comfort zones, while creating a safe environment for them to be open and honest with each other. Our players enjoy working with Faheem and recognize the value he’s brought for them as individual athletes and as a team."


Paul McDonough

COO & Sporting Director 

"Successful organization are built on people. Faheem was a valuable member of our staff. His personal approach allows people to trust him and his process. He can help a team or individuals grow to be the best they can be.

paul headshot.jpg
dylan nealis.png

Dylan Nealis


"I wish I had someone like Faheem earlier in my career to help me get 1% better after each meeting.

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