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The journey of a thousand steps begins with one. The journey to where I now find myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally has been an awakening process all on its own. The foundation of my spiritual journey began alongside my mother, grandmother, and six sisters in the hallways of an upstate New York brownstone.


Although my awareness of spiritual & faith-based practices remained present throughout my childhood and into my early twenties, it wasn’t until I hit a wall of compounded darkness, my “rock bottom”, that I felt my spirituality, mindset, and faith tested unlike anything before.


At the age of 14, I was sent to live with my estranged father in Seattle, WA. I was in a strange land, hundreds of miles away from family, and any recognizable signs of home. I was adapting to life with a person I physically resembled but felt a great sense of disconnect from. Perhaps it was the forceful manner to which I felt thrown into my father’s life or the dissent from his new family on the actualization of my arrival, but it wasn’t long before I found myself looking for somewhere, anywhere else to call home. As I boarded the city bus early one summer morning heading God knows where I knew my best chances of finding a home relied on me displaying my talent as a football player to the first high school I came across. One practice, with one team, and only a few hours later, I had a new home, in a completely different part of the city. The experiment, “live with father” had concluded, and I had no plans on returning. Need-less Needless to say the story only grew from there: drug dealers, gun robberies, gang fights, absent father, high school kid living in a one bed + one bath studio apartment on the campus of The University of Washington…etc.


What I didn’t expect were the impending storms to come. With the loss of my sister, Zakiyyah Qaadir, followed by the additional loss of my sister, Aaliyyah Qaadir darkness consumed me. My new residence (fear, anxiety, self-hate, faithless, anger, depression, sadness, victimhood) would, unbeknownst to me, lay the seemingly required foundation for the life-altering breakthrough ahead.


Since then, my entire life has been committed to the healing and the collection of mental, spiritual, emotional practices.


My mission is to help you Breathe Life into a mental and spiritual relationship of your own understanding so that you can live from a place of fulfillment and alignment with your true purpose.


There are several ways I can assist you on your journey. Rather through the incorporation of meditation practices, mindset tools or simply offering a supportive ear. I’m confident by working together we’ll ensure you are closer to living the spiritual path and life you deserve.


Breathe Life®

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